Urgup Places to Visit

Urgup Places to Visit

There are regions that those who organize a trip to Ürgüp must visit. Ürgüp is one of the largest settlements in Cappadocia. Ürgüp is a very old region with its history. It is of great importance especially since it was a religious center during the Byzantine period. It is a district of Nevşehir province on the Silk Road that connects Istanbul and Jerusalem. A trip to Ürgüp must be organized in order to see the traces of the periods. It is a small journey to the past by seeing the architectural features of the periods.
Carved rocks that bear the character of the entire Cappadocia region are located here. Stone house mansions built on rocks are very common in Ürgüp. Especially in the center, these houses are in the majority. The workmanship on these stone houses is unique. You should definitely visit the side streets of Ürgüp and see the art of these houses.
Urgup Places to Visit, Ürgüp is the most active region in Cappadocia’s nightlife. Due to the fact that the district is very crowded, it is also very lively and crowded at night. You can see restaurants and wine houses suitable for every taste in Ürgüp. Rock-carved bars are frequently visited by both local and foreign tourists, especially in spring. Ürgüp is also very rich in terms of places to visit in the evening.

Urgup Places to Visit Directory

Kizilcukur Valley

It fascinates its visitors with its valley view located within the borders of Goreme. Ürgüp Kızılçukur Valley is one of the regions where the sunset can be watched in the best way. You can come here just because of the beauty of the scenery. Between January and October, tourists from all over the world flock here.
There are also rare examples of red tuff rocks in the Cappadocia region. The sunset completely paints the landscape red. Visitors who want to watch the sunset in the valley arrive here 2 hours early. Urgup Places to Visit, Visitors bring Cappadocia Wine and cushions to enjoy the view. They enjoy the natural beauty. It attracts the attention of the whole world with its historical texture and natural beauty.

Hope Hill

Temenni Hill, which is among the places to see in Ürgüp, offers the opportunity to watch Erciyes Mountain from a bird’s eye view. The hill has a height of 80 meters. On the hill, there are the 4th Kılıçaslan Alaeddin Keykubat mausoleums from the Ottoman Period, which were built by Vecihi Pasha for Kılıçarslan, who belonged in 1288. It is a region with great historical traces.
On Temenni Hill, people usually make wishes by tying rags. It is an ongoing habit in the region. Since the region is considered to be a very sacred region, such a tradition has been continued. Taka tombs in the region are among the proofs of the sacredness of the region. The Church of St. Georgios is located here. The tea gardens in the region are preferred to relax after sightseeing on the hill.

Thuja Underground City

Due to its historical traces, it is at the top of the list of places to visit in Ürgüp. It is a region that must be visited by those who organize trips here. It is 18 km from the town center. It is located in Mazi Village. Like all other underground cities, it is a city built for protection and shelter.
Urgup Places to Visit, Here, in the middle of the barn, there are rock-cut troughs for animals. There are also spaces used as bathrooms. The bathroom is not a feature seen in other underground cities. The region, which was used thousands of years ago, has a very important historical place.

Gomeda Valley

Gomeda Valley, which is among the places to visit in Ürgüp, is 6 km long. There is also a stream called Üzengi in the region. The creeks are completely made up of trees. Gomeda takes its name from the historical ruins it has. There are also sulphurous mineral water springs in the valley. There are quite a number of churches. People who want to take a walk in the valley must enter from Ayvali Village. For those who want to come to the region with their private vehicle, it provides the opportunity to use a private vehicle and provides guest parking services.

Urgup Museum

Places to visit in Ürgüp are important to understand the history of Cappadocia. At this point, the Ürgüp museum enlightens people with its historical elements. It is located on Temenni Hill in the district center. Both archaeological and ethnographic artifacts are found here. It is a must-visit as it has very rich content.
Stone works made of terracotta on the stairs, south and west facades of the museum were presented to the visitors. At the entrance, there are female mammoth fossils dating back 10 million years. It belongs to the times when humans have not yet lived. These remains were found in Mustafapaşa excavations. Urgup Places to Visit, The items exhibited in the Ürgüp Museum belong to the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods. It is even possible to see items belonging to the Old Bronze Age here. There are items from very old periods as well as items from the recent period.

Open Air Museum

Urgup Goreme is one of the places to visit. Everyone who comes to Cappadocia should definitely visit it. Göreme is one of the places to visit. There is the Convent of Girls and Boys from the 11th century. They are multi-storey buildings. St. Basil’s Chapel is also located at the entrance of the museum. It is one of the regions that must be visited with its churches.

Pink Valley

Ürgüp Avanos is a valley among the places to visit. There are fairy chimneys here. Visitors visiting the valley liken fairy chimneys to different silhouettes. Rabbits are likened to different animals such as camels. During the sunset in the valley, the stones turn pink. For this reason, it is called the Pink Valley.

Hallaç Monastery

It is a hospital monastery where priests prepare medicine and treatments for the people of the region. It is located on Ortahisar – Ürgüp road. It was built by carving a large rocky area. The monastery, which consists of 3 parts, is among the 11th century historical buildings. Nevşehir is one of the regions that must be visited by those who organize a trip.

Damsa Dam Lake

It is 17 km from Urgup town centre. It is a promenade where you can sit and rest during the day in the area among the pine trees. It attracts attention with its natural beauties. It is also possible to fish here.

Ortahisar Ethnography Museum

Various artifacts belonging to the Cappadocia region are exhibited here. It is a museum that was put into service with the restoration of the old town hall and a hotel. It is arranged in 12 rooms. Urgup is a must-visit region for those who take a vacation. It is the first ethnographic museum of the region. Scenes of agriculture, weaving, Turkish bath, village room, molasses making, henna nights and local girls’ asking were shown on mannequins. Here, a different exhibition can be seen in each room.

Cemil Village

Cemil Village is among the places where Turkish and Greek people live together. Anatolian and Greek culture is frequently seen here. It is located 15 km from the town center of Urgup. It attracts attention with the churches inside the Greek houses. It is a region that was established 138 years ago.

What to Buy as a Gift from Ürgüp?

You can buy small gifts for yourself and your loved ones to collect memories from your Cappadocia holiday. While deciding what gift to buy, you can take a look at the list we have prepared for you.
• Weaving is one of the main livelihoods of Cappadocia. You can see that carpets and rugs are used decoratively in many of the facilities in the region. You can bring the atmosphere of Cappadocia to your home by buying small rugs.
• You can find the natural state and accessory forms of onyx stone in the region. This stone, which has dark green tones and black color, helps people to balance their personalities. It also reduces the stress level. If you wish, you can examine accessories such as necklaces, earrings, rings, or you can buy unprocessed stones that you can put directly in your home.
• Pumpkin dessert and pumpkin seeds are very popular in Ürgüp. You can buy pumpkin seeds after the holiday. To keep it fresh for a long time, you can buy it unroasted and try roasting it before consuming it.
• It is possible to buy miniatures of fairy chimneys, which have become the symbol of Cappadocia. You can place these trinkets in the most beautiful corner of your home.
• There are pottery and ceramic workshops in Ürgüp. You can visit these workshops and participate in pottery making yourself if you wish. If you want, you can buy your own or ready-made products.
• You can find handmade wines in Ürgüp. It is possible to taste different types of wines and buy the ones you like in the wine cellars.

Where to Visit in Urgup Places to Visit in Urgup

  • 1- Temenni Hill
  • 2- Ürgüp Büyükakten Underground House
  • 3- Urgup Museum
  • 4- Cellar Wine House
  • 5- Asmalı Konak
  • 6- Cappadocia Ebru Art House
  • 7- Turasan Wine House
  • 8- Urgup Musalla Mosque
  • 9- Mustafapasa New Mosque
  • 10- Constantine – Eleni Church
  • 11- Cappadocia Art and History Museum/Great Sinasos Mansion
  • 12- Manastır Valley Open Air Museum
  • 13- Damsa Dam
  • 14- Cemil Village Inner Road
  • 15- Keslik Monastery
  • 16- Ancient City of Sobesos
  • 17- Thuja Underground City
How Many Days to Visit Urgup?

Ürgüp is a district of Nevşehir Province. There are regions that must be visited with their historical and natural beauties. People who want to make a full trip to Ürgüp will be able to visit the whole in 2-3 days.

In Which Periods Should You Visit Ürgüp?

It is known that the best times to visit Ürgüp are spring and autumn months. These are the most suitable seasons to see and discover natural beauties.

What Is Urgup Famous For?

Ürgüp is a town that is famous for its fairy chimneys. This natural beauty, which is limited in number in the world, has become the main source of income of Ürgüp. There are many hotels and restaurants in the area. You can also go to the hammam and have a massage during your Ürgüp holiday. You can have different experiences by participating in horse, ATV and camel tours.
Ürgüp is also known for its vineyards. Especially Uçhisar region is very rich in terms of vineyards. Therefore, it is possible to say that it is a successful region in terms of winemaking. In addition, pottery and pottery workshops made with materials obtained from the region are very popular. You should definitely taste the test kebab made with these pots.

Is Cappadocia Urgup the Same Place?

There are many people who are confused about which regions Cappadocia covers. Therefore, are Cappadocia and Ürgüp or Göreme the same place? is often asked. Ürgüp is one of the towns in Cappadocia. Especially in touristic trips, the towns and towns of Nevşehir city of Cappadocia come to the fore. The reason for this is; fairy chimneys and historical ruins are mainly located in this region.

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