Melendiz Stream

Those who organize a trip to the Cappadocia region, which is one of the most touristic regions of Turkey, do not return without a trip to the Melendiz Stream. Cappadocia is a magnificent touristic area with its balloons, Fairy Chimneys and underground cities. Those who organize trips here should definitely visit these areas.
Cappadocia is spread over the cities of Kırşehir, Aksaray, Kayseri and Niğde. Cappadocia is home to many different beauties. It has always attracted tourists with its historical texture and magnificent aesthetics. It is visited by local and foreign tourists. While climbing the valleys and after a wonderful nature walk in the valleys, people feel the need to rest somewhere. Ihlara Valley also has the best resting opportunities at this point. After the Ihlara Valley tour, tourists can enjoy the Melendiz Stream. The brook is 14 km long and in some places it has a height of 110 meters. Tea attracts attention due to its unique appearance. It is located in Ihlara Valley, where shelters, churches, tombs, and creek are located in Ihlara Valley.

Melendiz Stream Ihlara

Ihlara Valley, known as the meeting point of different cultures, has the Melendiz Stream. It is among the places where you can enjoy tea after the trip with its dry earth-like, lively and peaceful appearance. Melendiz Stream, which has a length of 14 km, extends to Salt Lake. For those who want to enjoy nature by eating and drinking something instead of taking a walk, the gazebos built on the tea provide great pleasure opportunities.
The fact that the walking track is long and inclined can create questions for those who go for the first time. It is a long hiking trail. The magnificent view of the valley has a beauty that will completely erase the question marks in people’s minds. Visitors who see the view will want to enjoy every moment and visit every part of it.

Where is Melendiz Stream?

Where is the Melendiz Stream, questions are asked by those who want to visit here. Melendiz Stream starts from Ihlara and ends in Selime. Aksaray Melendiz Stream has a different soil and rock structure due to the lava erupted during the active periods of Hasan Mountain. It is visited by many people because it is a very special tea. There are 400 stairs in the valley. It is possible to reach the Melendiz Stream by descending the stairs. Although the stairs can be descended quite easily, people will need high energy storage on the way back.

How to go to Melendiz Stream?

Those who want to reach Melendiz Stream can reach via Nevşehir Aksaray road or Derinkuyu road. To choose between the options can vary depending on which landscapes are desired to accompany. It is possible to reach here quickly from both roads. For those who want to see different places on the road, this road route varies. Getting to and from the Melendiz Stream can be done via completely different routes.
Those who want to reach the Ihlara Valley from the vicinity of Istanbul can proceed via the Bolu Mountain road. A journey can be made by enjoying nature. In addition, another transportation route can be made via Niğde.

Eating on Melendiz Stream

Melendiz Stream breakfast is a good option for those who come here early. People who want to both travel and meet with the tastes of the region can eat in the gazebos located on the tea, accompanied by a unique view. It is preferred by many people due to its very pleasant atmosphere. Eating on the gazebos placed on the water is a unique experience.

Places to Visit near Melendiz Stream

After visiting the Melendiz Stream, other nearby regions should also be visited. Narlıgöl Krate Lake, Kaymaklı Underground City, Gaziemir Caravanserai points are among the places that must be visited. Narlıgöl Crater Lake, where the volcanic eruption creates a unique beauty, is one of the places that must be visited. It is located after a sign that is encountered when approaching Ihlara direction. These regions, located near the Melendiz Stream, are places that must be visited with their unique beauties and historical textures.
Kaymaklı Underground City is located on the Ihlara road. It is an 8-storey underground city and has its own unique features. The city of Kaymaklı is in an important position with its unique ventilation system and mechanisms.
Gaziemir Underground Caravanserai is also among the places that must be visited. Located in the direction of Ihlara road, this caravanserai has important historical textures that should not be overlooked. There is approximately 40 km between them and the valley.

Melendiz Stream Visiting Hours

Opening its doors to its visitors in every season of the year, Melendiz Stream, the apple of the eye of Ihlara Valley, has certain visiting hours. Those who want to fish in the Melendiz Stream and those who want to relax with a magnificent view must come at certain hours in order to benefit from the unique beauties. The time intervals may vary according to the seasons. Visits can be made between 08:00 and 15:00 in April and October. It is possible to visit between 08:00 and 17:00 in November and March. Visits can be made in accordance with the dates and times in the figure.

How much is the Melendiz Tea Entrance Fee?

Melendiz Stream, which is among the places to see in Ihlara and is not visited by those who come to this region, is seen as a relaxing region by many people due to its excellent view. In order to access the unique beauty, people have to pay a certain fee at the entrance. Fees may vary each year, but with very cheap pricing, you can enjoy the unique view.

Where Is Melendiz Stream Spilled?

Melendiz Stream, located in the Ihlara Valley in the territory of Aksaray province, continues to impress with its unique landscapes. This tea, which is visited by many local and foreign tourists, gives peace and calmness to people. With its unique landscape and quiet nature, it takes people away from their stress and relaxes them. It is among the places that must be visited in the Cappadocia region. Melendiz Stream is 14 km long and has very large numbers in terms of height. People are wondering where Melendiz Stream is poured. Melendiz Stream originates from Melendiz Mountain and pours into Salt Lake. This tea, which has managed to protect itself since ancient times, was called Potamus Kapadukus at that time. With its unique nature, it continues to accept its visitors today, and people can relax and find peace with this view.

Where is Melendiz Stream Map

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