Uzengi Valley

Cappadocia, which was formed by the lava of Güllü Mountain, Erciyes Mountain and Hasan Mountain millions of years ago and eroded by rain water and wind over time, is home to beautiful fairy chimneys. It should not be forgotten that there are different routes in this region where you can not get enough of walking. While traveling in Cappadocia, you can enjoy the lush nature in summer and spend time in a magnificent view in winter. Uzengi Valley while you are in Cappadocia, you should definitely see the Üzengi Valley.

Where is Uzengi Valley?

Uzengi Valley starts from the southern part of Ortahisar district and extends to the Damsa Stream valley that continues around Ürgüp. In fact, after seeing the gardens and vineyards of the valley, which is known as a picnic area, you can understand that the region attracts serious tourists. Its distance to Nevşehir city center is 14 km.

Information About the Uzengi Valley

The most important feature of Uzengi Valley in Nevşehir is its dovecotes. Located between Ürgüp and Ortahisar districts, this region has many natural resources, churches and streams. Üzengi Stream flows next to the dovecotes. Barbecue lovers continue to spend their time in peace while having a great time here. As a matter of fact, the first address of those who want to stay away from stress, quiet and in touch with nature is Üzengi Valley. There are also healing mineral water springs.
The mineral water in the Üzengi Valley is gassy and smells of iron. Thanks to this feature, it is said to be very good for kidney ailments and digestive disorders. Foreign and domestic tourists continue to come to the Üzengi Valley not only for sightseeing purposes, but also for healing. It is also known that many foreign tourists come to drink this water during a certain period of the year.
There is boiling water in both parts of Üzengi Stream, which cuts the road to Mustafa Pasha from 3 km south of Ürgüp. The flow rate of this water, which is called Uzengi tea, is 0.55 liters per second. The importance of this water, which is used in the treatment of kidney and digestive diseases, continues to increase day by day.
Of course, churches have taken their place among the places to visit in the Uzengi Valley. It would be correct to say that churches, which attract attention with their deep architecture and frescoes, have actually become popular in recent years. Uzengi Valley was not included in the Cappadocia travel guide before. Thanks to the landscapes discovered in the region, the valley has started to be visited by thousands of people every year.

Uzengi Valley Travel Guide

Uzengi Valley is spread over a very beautiful area in terms of places to visit. It is more logical to walk the trails here. You have to walk to see the historical and natural beauties up close. Although it may seem like a long journey, you may not realize the time spent in the valley.
If you have reserved a long time for this valley, which you will enter from Ortahisar section, you can reach the valley from Pancarlık Valley. It should be noted that the Üzengi Valley, which has a dirt road, is suitable for vehicles. Moreover, there is not only one road, but more than one route on the way here. The fact that the settlements here are close to each other will also provide convenience for those who research the Üzengi Valley travel guide. When you arrive in the valley, fairy chimneys welcome you. You can reach the sulphurous water by following the sound of water you will hear.
The famous dovecotes in the valley are as unique as the fairy chimneys. Although thousands of pigeons have nested here in the past, it is seen that there are very few nests today. Again, since some of the nests built to obtain pigeon manure in ancient times were damaged, you can start watching the numbered pigeons.

Where is Uzengi Valley Map

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