Turasan Wine House Factory

Turasan Wine House Factory

You can find quality wines offered by Turasan Wine House in and around Cappadocia. Cappadocia continues to attract local and foreign tourists with its famous balloons and special history. The underground city cellars in Cappadocia also attract a lot of attention. As can be seen from the underground cellars, it is possible to reach the wine houses in and around Cappadocia and enjoy the quality wine offered by Turasan Wine.
When you go to Cappadocia Ürgüp, it is seen that there are many options for accommodation and eating and drinking. It can be quite enjoyable to take a break from pleasant but tiring trips in these places. People can taste wines with different tastes on their trips here.
People who join Ürgüp tours can taste Turasan Wine in Turasan cellar, one of the famous places. It is to leave a delicious palate and a delicious breeze of history.

Turasan Winery

When you come to Cappadocia, underground cities and balloon excursions must be done. You should enjoy the perfect views in the valleys, which have beautiful natures. After all these are done, the wines of the region must be tasted. Turasan Wine Factory, which has accomplished very successful works in the field and has proven its quality to all provinces in the country, is a place that must be visited. Its unique flavor must be tasted.
Hasan Turasan continued his work with great devotion and has continued until today. It has been awarded many awards for producing the best quality wines. Turasan Vineyards, located at the foot of Erciyes Mountain, is on a 500-decare land. The grapes used for exquisite wines are produced and grown in the best way in these vineyards.
Turasan Wine House dates back to 1943. Over the years, Hasan Turasan has carried out selfless work and established his wine house. It has continued to produce the best quality wines ever since and has gained a reputation throughout the country. He has always been awarded awards for his quality work.
Turasan wine production factory gives its name to many different wines in its sector. The wine factory, which is making a name for itself, is gaining a reputation for its extremely affordable production and quality. Anyone who organizes a trip to the Cappadocia region should not leave without tasting the products unique to this region. The Emir grapes in here have a completely different beauty with Tursan Winery. The company’s award-winning Emir white wine must be drunk. Especially those who love white wine should enjoy this unique taste.
Besides tasting the wines, you may also want to see how the wines are produced. At this point, the company also provides an opportunity for its visitors. The production facility also accepts visitors. In this way, people can see how delicious wines are produced. Although there is a distance between the production facility and the sales store, it is one of the places that must be seen. Turasan Wine House continues to be among the places that must be visited for those who organize a trip to Ürgüp. In order to see how wine production is carried out, weekdays should be preferred. There is a wide variety of wines for every budget. In general, it has plenty of visitors.

What are Turasan Wine Types?

The wine house located within the borders of Ürgüp is also very famous for its diversity. It is among the preferences of many people with its award-winning wines and abundant variety. People who organize trips to Ürgüp definitely get acquainted with Turasan wine varieties. People can choose the sales store located here to buy. The sales shop and the production house are frequently visited by people, and how the wines are produced can be seen directly. How wines with unique tastes are produced are also presented to the eyes of the visitors.
The company produces wine from the grapes it produces in its own vineyard. The grapes in its own vineyard are Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabarnet Sauvignon, Tannat and Emir. Wines made from these grapes are highly appreciated.
When Turasan Winery is mentioned, Emir White Wine comes to mind first. Wine is the apple of the eye of the wine company. Especially with fish dishes, white wine is preferred. Likewise, when it is accompanied by cold starters and consumed with fresh cheese, it leaves its delicious taste on the palate. Emir White Wine is an award-winning wine. This is not their only award-winning wine. The delicious wines obtained from Öküzgözü grapes were also awarded. Delicious wines are produced together with the grapes purchased under contract, such as Öküzgözü, Boğazkere, Kalecik Karası, Şiraz, Misket and Narince.
Turasan Rose Wine is produced from Öküzgözü grapes and Turasan Misket Dömisek Wine is produced from Misket grapes. Turasan Narince Wine obtained from Narince grapes and Turasan Seneler Red Wine obtained from Merlot, Syrah and Cabarnet Sauvignon grapes are among the most delicious wine varieties. Wine types must be tasted and enjoyed.

Where is Turasan Wine House?

People who want to visit Turasan Wine House and taste delicious wines are wondering where. The wine house is located in Nevşehir, Urgup region. When it comes to here, it is located close to places such as Ürgüp Museum and Eraslan Stream. Those who organize a trip to Ürgüp should definitely stop by here. With navigation, the open address can be found easily. Signs on the road also help at this point.
Full Address: Yunak Mahallesi, Tevfik Fikret Caddesi, No: 6 Ürgüp / Nevşehir

Turasan Wine Prices

Turasan wine prices are also wondered by those who want to taste the unique taste. Famous and top quality grapes are grown in the region. Exquisite wines are produced with the grapes grown. At first, they are prejudiced and may be thought to be very expensive, and when the taste of breath is met, these judgments disappear. One of the most striking features of the company is that its delicious wines are sold at very reasonable prices. In fact, from the point of view of the market, it is seen that the company made a very cheap sale.
The wine house has quite a lot of visitors. Turasan wine prices are extremely cheap. Excellent wines are tasted with prices starting from 25 liras. Even wines with many awards are sold here at very low prices. It has a very compatible pricing in terms of price and quality. The most beautiful and most delicious wines can be tasted at the wine house and people can taste unique flavors.

Which wine to buy from Cappadocia?

In the Cappadocia region, there are many different local wines, not only Turasan wines. In Nevşehir viticulture, all wines have different flavors and consistencies as productive and quality of Nevşehir grapes. This flavor is necessarily reflected in the prices. We recommend you to taste Turasan Emir or Kocabağ Emir wines as a balanced wine in terms of price and performance.

Which is the best wine?

In the Cappadocia region, there are many different local wines, not just wines. In Nevşehir viticulture, all wines have different flavors and consistencies as productive and quality of Nevşehir grapes. This flavor is necessarily reflected in the prices. We recommend you to taste Turasan Emir or Kocabağ Emir wines as a balanced wine in terms of price and performance.

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