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Nevsehir Goreme District

Göreme, one of the Nevşehir towns with the most fairy chimneys, draws attention with its history as well as its natural beauties. In this geography, which has been home to thousands of civilizations, there are countless artifacts from those periods.


Goreme History


It is known that Göreme has been known by different names in its thousands of years of history. In the past, there are uses such as Mariana, Korama, Madyan. In Ottoman sources, it is referred to as Maccan.

Since it was a region where hunting was common in history, it was named Avcılar after the establishment of the Republic. In 1975, however; It was started to be used as a sight. Although the story of the region's taking the name "Göreme" is not known exactly, it is thought that it is due to the fact that people pray in this region for the visually impaired to see.

Looking at the thousands of years of history, it draws attention that Göreme has been used as a living space since the historical ages. It has hosted great civilizations such as Hittite, Phrygian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman.

When we look at the evidences dating back centuries in Göreme, there are some information that Saint Hieron, one of the important symbols of Christianity, was born in Göreme. It is said that Aziz, who was killed outside of Cappadocia, was cut off and brought to his mother, who also lived in Göreme. These scenes are depicted in churches in Göreme.

Considering the studies, it is thought that the graves of people living in Avanos during the reign of the Roman state were buried in Göreme. The tombs and monuments inside the fairy chimneys in Göreme, which was used as a mass grave site, prove the accuracy of this idea.

Göreme, which was considered to be very important by Christians in the medieval period, became the religious center of the region. It is known that it was used as a bishopric center between the 11th and 13th centuries. For this reason, there are many churches and chapels in the area. Religious people worship in these churches and chapels, and sometimes they retreat for long years. It is also known that it was used as a shelter in various periods.

The fact that Göreme has a more rugged area compared to the surrounding districts has increased the frequency of use of the town for seclusion and protection. For this reason, you can see that churches and historical buildings are densely located in this region.

Towards the end of the century, the Turkish population began to be settled in Göreme, where the influence of Christianity had decreased. If it is a district; It dates back to 1930.


Goreme Population and Area


Göreme is a town with an altitude of 1300 and is higher than its surroundings. It is only 10 km away from Nevşehir and is connected to the central district. Since there are frequent flights during the day, it does not lose its connection with the center.

Although it was established in a small area, Göreme has a very rich cultural heritage and its population is around 2000. Every year, much more of its own population welcomes the tourists in the best way and reflects the Cappadocia hospitality in the best way.

What District is Göreme?

Göreme is not a town but a town. Since it is one of the famous regions of Cappadocia, it is known as a district by many people. It depends on the central district.
When we look at the history of Göreme, it was one of the most important regions in Anatolia in the 7th century. It was accepted as the religious center of Christians and hosted many clergy until the 12th century. It is about 10 kilometers from the city center. It is considered the center of the region. There are many historical buildings as well as fairy chimneys that tourists can see when they come to the region.

What's Göreme Like?

When you say Göreme, you shouldn't think of a large and modern tourism region. What makes Göreme beautiful is its unspoiled historical texture and authentic atmosphere. When you look at the past; It is a district that can be considered as the center of Cappadocia.
In Göreme, which is the closest to fairy chimneys, people live a life intertwined with fairy chimneys. Fairy chimneys are also included in many living areas. It was also a region preferred by Christian clergy for seclusion. For this reason, you can come across many churches, cellars and tombs. In particular, you can come across ruins from the 10th and 11th centuries.
The main source of income of the district, where approximately 2000 people live, has been tourism. There are also vineyards in the region that produce very productive and delicious grapes. Wines are made from grapes obtained from these vineyards. Therefore, it is possible to say that it is developed in terms of winemaking.


Goreme Livelihoods


Tourism is one of the main livelihoods of Göreme. Since it is a small town and hosts a large number of tourists, a significant part of the population participates in these economic activities. There are many hotels and restaurants in Goreme. The people working in these businesses also market various traditional products to tourists.

Animal husbandry in Göreme has mostly developed as small cattle breeding. There are also various horse and camel farms in the area. Animals are raised and rented to businesses for camel and horse tours, which are very popular in Cappadocia. In addition, some farms are directly operated and become popular tourist destinations with the restaurant services they offer.

There are many vineyards in the region where vineyard activities are intense. Wine is also produced from the grapes grown in these vineyards.


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