Cappadocia Valleys

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Cappadocia is one of the rare regions that can appeal to different tastes and expectations. Cappadocia valleys; It attracts a lot of attention especially those who want to spend time in nature.

You can feel the fascination of the Cappadocia valleys, where you will feel that you are the protagonist of a fairy tale from the first moment you step in, and you can get rid of the stress of the modern world.

There are countless beauties in this geography, which has reached its present form with the accumulation of millions of years. It is one of the rare wonders of the world.


Cappadocia Valleys


The Cappadocia valleys, which have hosted many civilizations for thousands of years and are known as Katpatuka, took millions of years to form. The volcanic activities that took place millions of years ago and the physical events that took place afterwards enabled Cappadocia to join its magnificent ambiance today.

Even when you return from Cappadocia, you can go hiking in these valleys, which you will not be able to get rid of, and you can collect unforgettable memories. You can also consider taking horse or camel tours for long journeys in the valleys of Cappadocia, the capital of numerous legends.

You can witness magnificent views in this region where you can shudder with its unique feelings and enjoy a mystical atmosphere. You should experience spending time in the valleys of Cappadocia, especially at sunrise and sunset.

While visiting the regions that offer different colors at any time of the day, surprises may come your way at any time. You can see villages abandoned years ago, visit fairy chimneys or churches hidden in the rocks.

While visiting the valleys in Cappadocia, you can also see that each valley has its own unique story. In this way, you can have the opportunity to look at the valleys from a different perspective.

If you like excitement, you can join the ATV tours organized in the Cappadocia valleys or you can make your memories immortal by taking professional photos.

Cappadocia Valleys List

- Baglidere Valley,
- Pigeon Valley,
- Zemi Valley,
- Swords Valley
- Gorkundere Valley,
- Kizilcukur Valley,
- Güllüdere-I and Güllüdere-II Valleys,
- Meskendir Valley,
- Gomeda and Stirrup Valleys,
- Çat and Fırınasma Valleys,
- Balkanderesi Valley,
- Ihlara Valley
- Pasabag Priests Valley
- Zelve Valley and Open Air Museum
- Devrent Dream Valley
- Pigeon Valley
- Love Valley
- Meskendir Valley

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