Tavsanli Church

The Tavsanli Church, which is one of the important churches in the corner of Cappadocia, is located in the town of Ürgüp. It is located exactly in the village of İbrahim, 3 km from the center. You may need a guide to see the church. Guides show people around the region by explaining it in the best possible way. The church cannot be found easily because it is hidden in its location. It can be found much more easily with a guide and at the same time you can learn detailed information about the church.
Tavsanli Church attracts local and foreign tourists with its features, historical and architectural structure. Located in the Ürgüp district of Nevşehir, this church is one of the regions that must be visited. Tavsanli Church got its name from a fresco in it. Because an animal in the fresco is likened to a rabbit, this church was named Tavşanlı Church.
There are other beauties that can be seen on the village road on the way to Tavşanlı Church. On this road, caves and living spaces carved from the rock are encountered. Tourists like to take pictures in this panoramic area.

Tavsanli Church History

The inscriptions that can give ideas about the history of Tavşanlı Church correspond to the 10th century. The church belongs to the Byzantine Period. This period coincides with the time of Emperor Constantine. The features that distinguish the church from other churches are its frescoes. These frescoes remained inside the niches and on the lowest parts of the walls. Only traces of these dyeings have survived to the present day. After the examinations, it is seen that the church was decorated with only two kinds of ornaments. It was understood that geometric patterns were made with red madder on the stone, which is the vault surface of the apse. The painted stone surface is thought to form the oldest layer. For this reason, it is thought that the church has been used intact since the first period. The upper layer is decorated with depictions painted on plaster. The inner part of the vault is divided into rectangular borders and depictions as if telling long stories are included. The depictions are generally pictures of saints, as in churches located within the borders of Cappadocia. It is possible to see religious scenes and crosses here.
While visiting the churches that create the mystical atmosphere of the Cappadocia region and each of which has a different legend, the Tavsanli Church is a must-see. The frescoes inside are worth seeing. There are scenes from the Bible on its walls. It has managed to survive until today. Along with the red madder, geometric shapes were also used here as ornaments. Scenes made as if telling long stories should definitely be seen.

Tavsanli Church Architectural Features

Tavşanlı Church is a church located within the borders of Ürgüp. The inscriptions giving detailed information about the Tavşanlı Church belong to the 10th century. Information about the church could be obtained from the Byzantine period inscriptions.
Tavsanli Church has remarkable features in terms of its architectural features. The basilica was planned and built as a single storey. The pan is narrow and seated on a cornice and covered with a barrel vault. The walls of the church are quite long. Its long walls are among the remarkable architectural features. The western wall, whose northern walls were destroyed by 5.20 cm, measures 3.65 cm. The eastern wall also measured 4.20 cm. On the south and north walls, three niches, approximately 100 cm wide and 25 cm deep, are arranged opposite each other. The apse of the church is in the shape of a horseshoe. Semicircular and rectangular niches were made on the walls. These niches, which are not located in other churches, are thought to have been used for religious ceremonies.

Places to Visit around Tavsanli Church

Ürgüp is one of the most crowded and brightest places in Cappadocia. There are many places to visit and see here. The first of these is Temenni Hill. Ottoman period artifacts are located here. This hill, which dates back to ancient times, can see Ürgüp from a bird’s eye view. It is very famous due to its magnificent view.
Mazı Underground City is one of the must-see places within the borders of Ürgüp. The underground city, which has its own unique features, is separated from the others. It has been designed as a long-term living space with its features such as 8 floors and spreading over a wide area. Its unique atmosphere should be discovered by every traveler.
Other churches in Ortahisar, which are heirlooms from the monastic life of Christians, should definitely be visited. Along with the churches of Sarıca, Cambazlı, Harim and Balkan Creek, the Dere Monastery is among the regions that are definitely worth seeing. At the same time, the Ethnography Museum, which promotes Cappadocia culture, is among the places to be visited. Ortahisar is 1 km from Ürgüp and Nevşehir road. It is also possible to visit Ortahisar Castle by climbing. Visitors also visit this place to take panoramic photos. It is preferred by photography enthusiasts as it has a magnificent view.

Where is Tavsanli Church?

The question of where is Tavşanlı Church is asked by those who want to visit the church. The church is located in the Ürgüp district of Nevşehir. It is 3 km away from İbrahimpaşa Village, which is located here. The church is located in a secret area that no one knows about. Visitors get help from guides to find and tour the church. Even if people mark it on maps, they may have difficulty finding the location of the church. For this reason, it is necessary to participate in tours accompanied by guides. In this way, people can get detailed information from professional guides and organize detailed trips. Thanks to the tours, it is possible to see other historical places in the vicinity.

How to go to Tavşanlı Church?

To reach the Tavşanlı Church, it is necessary to reach İbrahimpaşa Village. After arriving in İbrahimpaşa Village in Ürgüp district, it is possible to reach Tavşanlı Village with a short walk. For this reason, people can easily reach this church by walking. At the same time, many monk settlements and carved rocks can be seen in the vicinity by walking, and a visual feast can be obtained. Tavsanli Church is also 5 km from Ortahisar.

Where is Tavsanli Church Map


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