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Kılıçlar Valley in Cappadocia can be seen much more impressive and much more mysterious than the valleys seen in Western movies. It attracts both domestic and foreign tourists with its intoxicating appearance and scenery. It is one of the regions that must be visited by those who organize a trip to Cappadocia. In the Cappadocia region, every corner of which is striking and different, the valleys can give people the peace of nature they seek.
The Cappadocia region is a very valuable and important region that has witnessed history and hosted many civilizations. This place has an extremely high importance not only throughout the country, but also all over the world. Since many civilizations have existed here throughout history, it also has many historical textures. It is a unique region with its historical sites and natural beauties. Millions of domestic and foreign tourists organize trips here every year. Traces of its history can be easily caught in each of its steps. Monks, warriors, traders passed through here. It is possible to see and listen to the stories of the people in the underground caves, cities and tunnels. Swords Valley, located in Göreme, is a natural beauty that attracts attention with its magnificent features.

What are the Features of Kiliclar Valley?

Kılıçlar Valley has always managed to attract local and foreign tourists with its features. After passing Görkündere, Zemi Valley and Open Air Museum, Swords Valley forms the second part of Göreme. It is exactly 15 minutes away from the center of Goreme. It is located exactly to the left of the Open Air Museum. It is located across the road to Zemi Valley.
Goreme Open Air Museum is truly a historical feast. Excursion organizers should definitely come to Kılıçlar Valley, which is located in the region, after leaving here. This valley is the smallest among the valleys within the borders of Cappadocia. Göreme Open Air Museum is on one side of the valley and Güllüdere Valley is on the other side. Swords Valley is exactly 2.7 km away. Motor vehicles are not allowed in the valley. Due to its small size, people can have a pleasant walk here. It is quite famous to take a horseback ride at many points in Cappadocia, including this valley. Excursions can be made in the valleys with ATMs. For those who say what to do in Kılıçlar Valley, these are the most enjoyable activities that can be done in these regions.

Swords Valley has a view of all Göreme. Interesting fairy chimneys, a tunnel of 300 meters in length, many caves that used to be houses but are now abandoned were among the unknown places in Cappadocia. Kılıçlar Valley, together with its dovecotes, churches and beehives, is one of the regions that must be visited. While the valley is narrowing in places, Kılıçlar Stream, which gives its name to the valley, also welcomes the visitors. After following the stream, people reach a small canyon with long and very close walls. It is possible to reach the lower parts of the canyon from the stone stairs carved into the rocks. It may take approximately 1-2 hours to walk around the entire valley. This view, which has a magnificent view, is best visited on foot. Along with the walk for 3 km, Meskendir Valley is encountered. After the valley, people will encounter Çavuşin Village. People who do not want to walk further can exit the village path.
Directions are made to other historical artifacts in the valley along with signboards. During the walk, these signs can be followed and valuable artifacts in the valley can be seen. Along the valley, people witness beautiful landscapes such as fairy chimneys and flying balloons.

Where is Kiliclar Valley?

Swords Valley Where, Kılıçlar Valley is located right after Göreme Open Air Museum. This valley forms the second part of Göreme. It is possible to get here quickly from the center by public transport. Transportation to Kılıçlar Valley is very easy. You can reach this area from Göreme center in approximately 15 minutes.

Kiliclar Valley Churches

Göreme Open Air Museum is famous for its churches. Swords Valley is also home to a group of two churches apart from the churches here. One of the churches bears the same name as the valley. Kılıçlar Church and Virgin Mary Church are churches located in the valley. There are two churches in Kılıçlar Valley.

Church of the Swords

It is located exactly 600 meters from the Goreme Open Air Museum entrance. Kılıçlar Church can be seen on the right side of the road to Göreme. The dome of the church, which is in the form of a closed Greek Cross, is located on four columns. Its story is centuries ago from the Bible. It is possible to see frescoes on the walls that tell many different stories. There are 33 scenes here. 12 of the scenes are about child Jesus, 3 of them are about adult Jesus and the remaining 18 are about the sufferings of Jesus. Arranged chronologically. It has a very special place with its frescoes.
There are many different descriptions such as the water experiment, the Annunciation, the journey to Egypt, the miracles from Jesus, the crucifixion of Jesus, the last supper, the accusation of Mary, John the Baptist and Jesus, and the ascension of the Virgin Mary. Frescoes such as death scenes have quite remarkable features. It is one of the churches that must be visited by those who come to the region.
It is estimated that the walls of the Swords Church were painted in the 9th and 10th centuries. Since it is a very old church, it should definitely be visited and the striking frescoes in it should be seen. The church is dated to the last times of the Iconoclastic period. It is also said that the church dates back to much earlier periods.

Kiliclar Valley Virgin Mary Church

Swords Valley churches have features that distinguish them from other churches with their frescoes and historical texture. The Church of the Virgin Mary, also known as Kılıçlar Kuşluk Church, is located exactly 250 meters from the main road. It is possible to reach this church easily when the road passing in front of the Tokalı Church is followed. It has a narrow passage of 5 meters. Its rectangular plan draws attention among its architectural features. It has exactly 3 apses. It has an extremely important place with its frescoes and historical textures. Since it is under protection, it does not accept visitors yet.
The frescoes of the Virgin Mary can be found in abundance in the Virgin Mary Church. It has a very special place. The reason why it is called the Church of the Virgin Mary is due to the abundant frescoes of the Virgin Mary. Baptism of Jesus, St. Mary and Jesus the Baptist’s plea for the good of humanity, Hz. Various frescoes, such as the death of the Virgin Mary, are located here. In the left apse, one of the most important saints, St. There are figures of Basileos. The frescoes in the church are thought to date back to the 11th century. Since they are under protection, no visitors are allowed.

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Swords Valley

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