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Located in the Cappadocia region, which is one of the most important touristic regions, Paşabağ Valley fascinates with its unique natural beauty. It welcomes thousands of people every year within the borders of Cappadocia. Fairy Chimneys, which have unique beauties in the Cappadocia region, are located in this valley. Those who come to visit this place see a visual feast with the unique Fairy Chimneys. When you want to take a walk along the valley, you can take a walk between the Fairy Chimneys. In this way, people enjoy a walk in touch with nature.
In this valley located on the Avanos road, the capped Fairy Chimneys welcome the visitors in an extremely busy manner. Many different interesting examples, large and small, can be seen here.

Pasabag Valley

It is one of the valleys that has established its throne within the borders of Cappadocia. Its other name is the Valley of the Priests. Fairy Chimneys are very famous for Cappadocia. Fairy Chimneys, which are not lost on the tongues of even those who have not seen them, are must-see formations. It offers a visual feast to the visitors with its large and small sizes.
As a result of flood waters and strong winds flowing from the valley slopes, the tuff structures are eroded and thus the formations are conical. There are mushroom-like rocks on the hills that resemble a roof. The diameters of the rock blocks can vary between 1 meter and 15 meters. Every formation suitable for dimensions can be called Fairy Chimney.
People may wonder why the upper parts of the formations wear less. The reason for this is that the lower parts are more suitable for wear. Because of their easier wearing properties, the lower parts are easily worn, while the upper parts are much less worn. The upper parts are in the form of a hat and are less worn. As a result of the impermeability of the tuffs, they have been continuously eroded over the years. Over the centuries, they have achieved this appearance. This valley, which has unique views, is most clearly seen on the Valley of the Priests. The Fairy Chimneys located here attract the attention of local and foreign tourists with their unique shapes.
These formations, located in the Paşabağ Valley, have been preserved for centuries and have survived to the present day. These unique formations that have survived to the present day are the ornaments of the valley. There are millions of people who come from one end of the world to see the unique beauties of the valley. It is one of the most famous valleys in the Cappadocia region, which is one of the most touristic regions in the world.

Where is Pasabag Valley?

The question of where is Paşabağ Valley is wondered by millions of people who want to visit. It is possible to reach the Paşabağ Valley, located in the Nevşehir Göreme region, via many different routes. It is located just before reaching the Zelve Valley, when you continue on the Goreme road. Those who want to discover the beauties here can reach with their private vehicles or by buses departing from the center if they wish. The valley located at the Zelve road turn is also known as Zelve Valley. The two valleys that are close to each other are also must-visit valleys. Thanks to their unique beauties and unique structures, they continue to receive visitors.

Pasabag Valley Directions

Directions to Pasabag Valley are quite easy. There are two options for transportation. People can reach with their personal vehicles via Avanos-Çavuşin road. People will be able to reach the Paşabağ Valley before coming to Çavuşin Village by deviating from the Zelve section on the left when proceeding on the road. Those who want to come via the second road should choose the Avanos-Ürgüp road. It is possible to reach the valley via two roads.

Information About Pasabag Valley

Paşabağ Valley is one of the most characteristic areas of the Cappadocia region. There are many places to visit and see in this area for tourists from all nationalities every year. People who want to get information about Paşabağ Valley and visit the beauties in it can join the tours that are carried out in the company of professional guides. They can get detailed information from the guides who are professionals in their fields and can tour the region in the best way.
There is a rumor that monks used to go into seclusion in this region in ancient times. Those who take a tour of the valley have the chance to see closely that this rumor may have a grain of truth. Because it is one of the quietest and calmest regions within the borders of Cappadocia. It is thought that these rumors may be true due to its peaceful nature.
It is said that the Christian clergy went into seclusion in the Pasabag Valley. The story of Paşabağları comes from here. This area was used as a retreat and protection zone by the clergy. Here, the clergy could devote themselves freely to their religion, with their hands removed from the world. They wanted to create living spaces for themselves by carving the soft rocks here. The settlements located here can be seen. Cappadocia is one of the most sacred regions for the Christian world. It is one of the holiest regions as it can be understood from the precious churches and the history left behind in each corner. It contains deep traces of the past.
There are many accommodation opportunities in the region for people who visit the valley and want to stay near the valley. The closest accommodation places are near Çavuşin Village. People can stay as they wish in the hotels located here and can easily visit all the valleys in the vicinity.

What’s in Pasabags?

The Valley of the Priests derives its name from the fact that centuries ago it was a preferred place of seclusion for the clergy. It will be more interesting when you know the story of the Pasabag Valley to see the rooms that are enough for the monks to stay with themselves rather than a living space during your tour. The frescoes you see in the buildings are; It reflects the artistic understanding of the Roman and Byzantine periods quite successfully.
There are churches in the region that are actively open to visitors. In addition, excavations are still being carried out at certain intervals in the vicinity. It is thought that there are still undiscovered churches in the Valley of the Priests.
• Balıklı Church is a structure dating back to the 10th century. There is a semicircular chapel in the church. The places to sit in the building are still intact today. On the walls of the church, St. There are drawings of Jesus. In addition, the Maltese Cross drawings also come to the fore.
• Üzümlü Church is a building that houses the drawings of Jesus and Mary on its walls. It is also noteworthy that various scenes from the Bible are depicted.
• Geyikli Church; It was designed in a simpler way than many churches in the region. Unlike other churches, there are no scenes from the Bible and religious figures. The name of the Geyikli Church is; comes from the deer figure drawn on the walls.

What Are the Other Valleys in Cappadocia?

After visiting the Paşabağ Valley, visitors who admire its magnificent nature may want to visit other valleys. There are many valleys in the Cappadocia region. There are various valleys such as Monks Valley, Güvercinlik Valley, Baglidere Valley, Zelve Valleys.
Monks Valley is located in Avanos district, close to Zelve region. Because of the Christian clergy living in it, it took its name as Monks. Zelve Valleys are located in Aktepe Village. The caves here were likewise the homes of the Christian clergy. Covering 3 valleys, this area is home to 15 churches. Access to the valleys, which accept visitors as an Open Air Museum, is extremely easy because they are close to each other.
Güvercinlik Valley is located in Nevşehir Göreme town. It is a valley famous for the dovecotes in the caves. Here, once a year, the fertilizers left by the pigeons are collected and used in the vineyards. Baglidere Valley, on the other hand, is known as a Love Valley. It is one of the places where all lovers should go because it has a magnificent view. It has a peaceful nature. People who want to get away from the stress of daily life should definitely stop by here.

Pasabag Valley Entrance Fee

People do not have to pay a fee to enter the valley, which manages to impress everyone with its unique beauties. The Pasabag Valley entrance fee was decided to be removed by considering the tourists. In ancient times, visitors had to pay a certain fee to visit this region, albeit in very cheap amounts. Today, people can visit these valleys for free. Visitors can tour the entire valley free of charge.

Where is Pasabag Valley Map

What to do in Pasabaglari?

From the first moment you step into the Paşabağları Valley, you can feel the tranquility of the region and the energy left over from centuries ago. A magnificent view accompanies you during your walk in the valley. You can enjoy the view and visit the churches. Then you can shop in the area. You can find different gift options in the small shops you will come across. Miniature fairy chimneys, carpets and rugs, pottery are some of the souvenirs you can buy.
After your trip to the Valley of the Priests, you may want to take a break from the day and have something to eat. You can have lunch or dinner at the restaurants and cafes in the area, or you can choose to have a snack.

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