Pancarlık Valley and Church

Pancarlık Valley is located in Cappadocia, which is one of the most valuable touristic regions of the country, which is flooded by visitors in summer and winter seasons. Cappadocia has many underground cities, wide valleys and viewing terraces. For this reason, it attracts many domestic and foreign tourists.
Pancarlık Church and its valley have a unique beauty and a magnificent historical texture. It impresses its visitors as if they are in a different world. Cappadocia, which has a great historical background, offers many different beauties because it covers the borders of five big cities. Pancarlık Valley is one of these beauties. It always continues to fascinate its visitors with its historical textures that have managed to reach the present day from ancient times.
Cappadocia has magnificent touristic areas that need to be organized. In addition, people visit the Cappadocia region for nature sports such as camping and trekking. Cappadocia has excellent areas for hiking and camping. It has different regions such as Göreme, Ürgüp, Avanos, Kaymaklı, Derinkuyu, Ihlara, Uçhisar. One of the most visited places in Ortahisar, one of the regions, is the Pancarlık Valley.

Pancarlık Valley Features

People who organize Pancarlık Valley trips often visit this area for sports activities. Hiking routes are used as camping areas. When it has suitable weather conditions, its ground can be used as a camping area. It is one of the most special areas in the Cappadocia region.
Every region in Cappadocia, every place that needs to be visited has a unique view and aesthetics. Pancarlık Valley is also a valley with unique views in this way. It can be enjoyed, and its beauty can be immortalized. The perfect image created by nature must be seen and enjoyed. Those who organize trips to Pancarlık Valley should not neglect to come here at sunset. Visitors flock to this area at sunset to watch the perfect sunset view and immortalize these moments.
Greenery, sunlight and the different colors of the rocks offer a unique aesthetic. The different color tones of the rocks in the valley make the view unforgettable when viewed from the top of the valley. They emerged in Cappadocia due to various natural events. The unique landscape is in the center of attention of both domestic and foreign tourists.

Pancarlik Church Features

There are many churches in Cappadocia. The common features of the churches are their unique frescoes. Frescoes will often appear in front of people in churches. The living conditions, religious beliefs and all messages at that time are etched on the walls. Pancarlık Valley is the first place to visit among the places to visit. The most striking thing in the church is the green color of the floor. It is in an extremely well preserved condition. The texture of the church is of a type and frequency that is not used to be seen in other churches.
Pancarlık Church dates back to the 11th century. In it, “The Appearance of the Prophet”, “The Gospel”, “Visitation”, “Proof of Virginity”, “Following Elizabeth”, “Miracle of Wine”, “Assignment of John the Baptist”, “Healing of the Evil Man”, “Hz. Jesus and the Woman from Samarra”, “Transfiguration”, “Massacre of Innocent Children”, “Joseph’s Second Dream”, “Escape to Egypt”, “Healing of the Man Who Was Spoiled by the Devil”, “Hz. Ascension of Jesus”, St. Jesus on the Way to Calvary”, “The Prophet. There are depictions of Jesus on the Cross”, “The Descent of Jesus into Hell” and saints.
Pancarlık Church architecturally has a flat ceiling, a single nave, and a single apse. The church was carved into a large rock mass. The point where the Pancarlık Church is located is the high parts of the valley. Since the rocks in the valley are of different colors, an extraordinary view awaits visitors. The view of the church was the result of natural events.

The surrounding areas of the churches in Cappadocia have always been much more impressive. Surroundings of churches have been regions where many different beauties are concentrated. Before entering the church, the mysterious atmosphere of the area impresses the visitors.
There are also a few chapels and monasteries, especially the dovecotes, on the roads leading to the church. One of the most well-known things in the use of historical sites in Cappadocia is the extreme importance given to pigeon houses. There are also many perches on the road leading to the church. When you reach the church, the frescoes greet people with their great impressiveness.

Must-See Places Near Pancarlik Church

There are regions that must be visited with their special history, which exist in the same vicinity as the Pancarlık Church. Sarıca Church, which is approximately 1 km away from Pancarlık Church, is also a very special church and has been restored. At the same time, Ortahisar Castle, located in Ortahisar, is one of the must-see places.
Ortahisar Castle is approximately 3 km away. It is an important place that those who come to Pancarlık do not return without visiting. Üzengi Valley, which has a magnificent view like Pancarlık Valley, is also nearby. This valley, which is between the towns of Ürgüp and Mustafapaşa, has a different and quite pleasant view. People who enjoy doing nature sports can follow the Üzengi Stream and take a pleasant walk up to Ürgüp. People who trust their condition can do such a nature walk.

Where is Pancarlık Valley?

The question of where is Pancarlık Valley is wondered by people. The valley, which attracts people’s attention with its unique view, is located on the Nevşehir-Ürgüp highway. It is 5 km from Ürgüp. It is located in Ortahisar region. Ortahisar is one of the first places that come to mind when Cappadocia is mentioned. Pancarlık Valley is located on the Ürgüp Mustafapaşa road on the south side of Ortahisar. Pigeon houses, chapels and monasteries can be seen easily in Pancarlık Church located in Pancarlık Valley

How much is the Pancarlik Church Entrance Fee?

Pancarlık Church has a unique historical texture with its frescoes. The frescoes, which have a great effect, attract the attention of every visitor. Pancarlık Church is affiliated with the municipality. As in some historical places in Cappadocia, the Museum Card is not valid in this church. It is possible to enter and tour the church by paying an entrance fee. Pancarlık Church entrance fee is 8 TL.

Where is Pancarlik Church? How to go?

It is located in Ortahisar, 5 km from Ürgüp. It is possible to reach the church by climbing up the Pancarlık Valley. Pancarlık Valley is a church that is definitely visited by the tour guide. It fascinates the visitors with its unique view and historical texture. It is possible to reach the church by walking through Babayan Village. When walking in a suitable season, vineyards and greenery on the road accompany the visitors and offer a visual feast. You can also reach the church on foot, accompanied by a magnificent view. Likewise, other churches located near the church can be visited. There are many places that need to be visited with their unique historical traces near the region where the Pancarlık Church is located.

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