Ortahisar Castle

Ortahisar Castle is located in Ortahisar, a very old Cappadocia town. It is a region famous for its castle, which has the largest Fairy Chimney in the region. The history of settlement dates back to ancient times. Ortahisar dates back to the 11th century. When people started to migrate to Anatolia from Central Asia, Uzbek Turks from Khorasan built 9 different houses here. Ortahisar became a town with the houses built by nine families and these nine families were the first people to settle in this way.

Ortahisar History

Ortahisar region is a part that has witnessed many civilizations in terms of history. B.C. Etiler in 1500s, Phrygians in 1200s, Lycians and Persians in 657 were dominated. Later, they came under Roman and Byzantine rule. It became a town in 1916. It is one of the first sections opened to tourism within the Cappadocia region. The region was conquered by the Turks with the Battle of Manzikert in 1071. It is a very rich region culturally and historically because it has seen many civilizations. Ortahisar Castle also dates back to Etiler. It was at that time that the first carving began. Afterwards, it started to be used as a shelter by the Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans.

Ortahisar Castle Features

Ortahisar Castle, which is identified with the name of the town where it is located, is known as the largest fairy chimney in the Cappadocia region. This castle, which rises just like a tower of Babel, is one of the first known multi-storey settlements in the world. It has been one of the frequent destinations of Silk Road caravans. Three sides of the castle are surrounded by steep valleys. The rocks in the castle were used for shelter and protection during the war. In order to be used for this purpose, it was first carved by Etiler. Afterwards, it continued to be used by carving by the Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans. Each civilization continued to use it as a shelter. It is known as the first settlement of the town.
The first settlement in the town was in this castle. Later, as the population increased, they started to build two-storey houses that descended down the slopes in steps. In this way, the population increased and the area became a town.

Ortahisar Castle Ottoman Period

Ortahisar Castle, located in Nevşehir, was annexed to the Ottoman lands by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1470. There is another castle on the east side of the castle, which can be seen from its view. Ishak Pasha Castle is also called the small Ortahisar Castle. Fatih Sultan Mehmet sends Ishak Pasha to the region in order to solve the Karaman issue. As soon as İshak Pasha sets foot in the region, he will want to take Temenni Hill. Then it will be the turn of Ortahisar Castle. When he wants to conquer, the people will be protected against Pasha and they will block the entrance and exit of the castle with huge millstones. Ishak Pasha realizes that he cannot take the castle in this way and starts digging tunnels for his soldiers.
Ortahisar Castle may seem much smaller when compared to Uçhisar Castle in the region. However, it has a much more upright nature. Foreigners called the castle a castle. It has a great magnificence with an altitude of 1200 meters and an altitude of 86 meters. The distance of Ortahisar Castle from the north to the ground is 80 meters. Its distance from the south can exceed 110 meters. Inside the castle, there are tunnels that are connected with each other. Tunnels have rooms and corridors. It can be quite difficult to climb to the top of the stairs. It offers a visual feast to people with its views of old villages and valleys. You can get detailed information about Ortahisar Castle on tours with professional guides.

Where is Ortahisar Castle?

Ortahisar Castle, which is an ancient skyscraper carved in ancient times, provides the opportunity to have a bird’s eye view of Avanos, Göreme and Ürgüp regions. It fascinates its visitors with the magnificent view it provides. People who want to visit the castle ask the question of where is Ortahisar Castle with this legendary view. Ortahisar Castle is located in Ortahisar region. It takes its name from the town in which it is located. Ortahisar Castle is located in the Urgup region of Cappadocia. The distance between Nevşehir center and the center is 15.5 km. The distance between Ürgüp and Ortahisar is 6.3 km. Ortahisar Castle is also very close to the Göreme region. The distance between the two places is 4 km. Since they are very close to each other, you should definitely not leave the region without visiting them.

Places to Visit Around Ortahisar Castle

There are many places worth seeing around Ortahisar region, which has the local characteristics of Cappadocia. Persons traveling to the other side should not leave without visiting these places. Many natural beauties and places with historical textures are located in this region. Ortahisar region, which has accompanied civilizations for centuries, bears the traces of rich monastic life. This situation can be seen much more clearly with Ortahisar churches.
There are many different churches such as Harim Church, Tavşanlı Church, Cambazlı Church, Sarıca Church, Balkan Creek Churches, Üzümlü Church, Hallaç Dere Monastery. These special churches should definitely be visited during the visits to the region.
If you are curious about the valleys with natural beauties in the region, Pancarlık Valley on the right on the Ürgüp Mustafapaşa road opens its doors to its visitors. There are Kepez and Sarıca churches on the valley. People can join the bike tours organized at this point. Valleys can also be viewed with balloons.
Ethnography Museum is also opened to visitors in Ortahisar region. The museum in Cumhuriyet Square is also a must-see. It is possible to see the characteristics of various local works such as the processing of tuffy rocks and carpet weaving in the museum.

Where is Ortahisar Castle Map

Ortahisar Castle Entrance Fee How Much?

Ortahisar Castle, which has a unique bird’s eye view, may vary for 2023. Quite cheap rates are available. Ortahisar Castle is operated by Ortahisar Municipality. Since it is operated by the municipality, the Museum Card is not valid in this region. Individuals can organize excursions according to the pricing.

How to Go to Ortahisar Castle?

Ortahisar Castle is curious by people who want to visit the road history. Visitors plan their trips according to the directions. It is necessary to make such a planning in order to visit other places around the castle. Ortahisar is connected to the Ürgüp region of Nevşehir. There is a castle in the town of Ortahisar, which is located in the Ürgüp region. Kale provides a bird’s-eye view of Göreme, Ürgüp and Avanos regions. Due to its very special view, it has been able to attract both domestic and foreign tourists.
Buses departing from Ürgüp and Göreme can be used to reach Ortahisar Castle via Nevşehir. If you want to travel with personal vehicles, then you should first arrive at Ortahisar Tepebaşı Square. It is possible to reach the castle on foot by parking the car here. In order to get information about Ortahisar Castle, tours with professional guides will be extremely useful. With the detailed information provided by the guides, the trips will become much more meaningful.


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