Goreme Zemi Valley

Goreme Zemi Valley, a perfect track combining history and nature, is one of the longest hiking trails. People who love trekking and enjoy hiking find themselves in a completely different atmosphere here. Visitors will experience one of the most interesting hiking experiences.
There is also a route on the walking line of the valley where people can proceed without difficulty. There is the Babacık entrance point where Kermir Hill is located on the Nevşehir Ürgüp road, which comes with a gentler slope. It helps people to walk much more comfortably. Here, people come across a sign written Zemi Valley 5600 mt. You can buy local goods and gifts at the souvenir shops located at the entrance.
The second route is the route in the opposite direction of the proposed route. When the first route is followed, one descends directly into the valley. Crossing points of other valleys can be seen around the road. Difficult landing points are only when entering the valley and small slopes to be encountered in the valley. Although most of the road is going between steep cliffs, it is extremely easy to reach the valley exit when the pathway is followed. Goreme Zemi Valley trip turns into a very enjoyable activity because it is full of adventure.

The Zemi Valley hike takes approximately 2 hours. Depending on the season, people can take walks accompanied by the chirping of birds, butterflies and bees. The most spectacular season of the valley is autumn. In this season, where the most pleasant colors are seen together, the valley has an extremely scenic view. In the spring and summer months, Zemi Valley can have extremely natural beauties. It has a very rich structure not only in terms of river sources, but also in terms of trees such as wild flowers, apricot, quince, mulberry and plum. Those who come here can stay away from the stresses of daily life with silence and calmness in the valley covered with many trees.

Goreme Zemi Valley Features

Goreme Zemi Valley has an extremely rich structure in terms of natural beauties. The many different tree species, greenery, flowers and streams in it are a part of the visible richness. It fascinates people with its unique nature and route, and receives thousands of visitors every year. It attracts the attention of domestic and foreign tourists.
Göreme Zemi Valley is located within the borders of Cappadocia as a valley worth seeing not only with its nature but also because of its unique historical traces. The impressive fairy chimney formations, tunnels and Roman tombs in the valley entrance bear traces of ancient civilizations. Göreme Zemi Valley is extremely inviting for its visitors with its historical traces. The dovecotes and churches that are no longer used in the valley are waiting for people’s visits.

Except for a few steep cliffs, 4 churches that are hidden in the valley can be seen after passing the rocks that are generally flat and seem to be shaved. Churches; Hidden Church, Sarnıç Church, Görkündere Church, El-Nazar Church. Görkündere and El-Nazar Churches are the churches that will be seen at the end of the valley. The locations of the churches are shown on the maps at the beginning of the valley. The churches can be accessed by following the maps. On the way to Görkündere Church, people will encounter fairy chimneys rising like stone minarets. A magnificent view of the valley will also welcome people on this pathway.

Churches Nearby

Goreme Zemi Valley, The Cistern Church is dated to the 11th century. The church was used as a cistern at that time. Its frescoes, which remained under water, were damaged. The ones that remain on the water still preserve their colors and are worth seeing. The Hidden Church, on the other hand, is on a very steep rock. It remains undetected because it has collapsed. It was discovered in 1957. It was known as the Hidden Church because it was found both difficult and late. The church is on the right on the Goreme Open Air Museum road. It was built with 3 apses and is dated to the 11th century like other churches. An architecture equivalent to the architecture of Mesopotamian churches was also built.

The flat ceiling of the church was made in relief. It is decorated with geometric shapes with crosses. Orange and cream colors were mostly used in the frescoes. On the frescoes that have survived to the present day in a sheltered way, there are biblical stories and familiar saint depictions. In addition to these, there is also the Veronica’s Handkerchief scene. The frescoes are extremely worth seeing. Visiting the churches in the Goreme Zemi Valley to-do list is one of the first things to do.
El Nazar Church is located 800 meters after the Goreme Open Air Museum entrance. The church is carved in a fairy chimney. The fairy chimney has a conical shape. It looks just like a giant tooth. It is a church that was designed in a T-plan and was built with cradle-vaulted cross arms. There is a cemetery on the east side of the church. Most of the floor and apse were repaired later. After the restoration, this church was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Although the construction date of the church is seen as the 10th century, this date has not been fully clarified.
The frescoes owned by the church were painted in archaic style by two artists. As in the frescoes of all Cappadocia churches, there are portraits of saints inside the medallion. Religious stories and St. There are scenes depicting Jesus.

Where is Goreme Zemi Valley?

The question of where is Göreme Zemi Valley is wondered by those who want to visit this valley, which has a magnificent view. The valley is located in the town of Uçhisar, which is connected to the province of Nevşehir. It is exactly 2700 m away from the town. It is located in the east of Göreme. It extends towards the Göreme Open Air Museum on the north and south axes. By following the routes on the Zemi Valley map, it will be possible to reach the churches and the beginnings of the valley.

How to Get to Goreme Zemi Valley?

Goreme Zemi Valley driving directions are wondered by those who want to visit. People who want to visit other historical sites near the valley plan their journey according to the directions. Göreme Zemi Valley can extend from Nevşehir – Ürgüp road to Göreme Ortahisar road. It is possible to reach Göreme Zemi Valley via Ürgüp- Nevşehir road. After 10 km, the valley is entered. The Zemi Valley sign can be seen easily.
In a different way, by continuing from the top left and following the tractor road, it will be possible to enter the valley from the road that turns right. By following the route and entering the valley, people will be able to find a drinkable water source. There are also fruit trees that are often planted. According to the season, there are plum, mulberry, cherry, pear, apricot and cherry trees.

Where is Zemi Valley, Directions
Is Zemi Valley Entrance Fee?

You do not pay anything when entering the Zemi Valley. Valley entrance is free. You can walk on the track without needing a ticket. However, if you want to see the churches in the region, you should consider that most of them are paid. Fees are often symbolic. You can also enter churches for free if you have a museum card.

How Many Km Is Zemi Valley?

Zemi Valley is one of the longest hiking trails in the region. It has a course of approximately 5,600 meters. You can see various stalls set up at the beginning of the valley. Small stalls here are ideal places to buy souvenirs. You can see that the prices are more affordable than the center.
Even if an easy route is waiting for you in the continuation of the track, you may encounter small slopes in places. At this stage, what we need to pay attention to is not to go out of the way instead of choosing the short way.

Zemi Valley

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