Belisırma Village

It is known that Belisırma Village, which is a village in Aksaray Cappadocia region, is visited by a serious tourist mass every period. While there are many churches here, it can be said that the village of Şirinsırma, located on the edge of the Melendiz Stream, embraces its visitors with a lush vegetation. The former owners of this village, where delicious delicacies are served, are actually Greeks. It should be noted that the name of this village, which was previously known as Peristirema, changed over time to Belisırma. Peristirema means ‘beautiful, pleasant landscape’.

Information About Belisırma Village

Thousands of tourists reach this village every year. Apart from the beautiful scenery and delicious food of the village, it is stated that it got its name as a result of the settlement of a horseman with a silver thread around his waist. Although the number of people living in this region, which has increased significantly in village pensions, is low, it has managed to attract the attention of tourists.
Although those who want to learn about Belisırma Village cannot reach the date of establishment clearly, it is said that it was founded before the Seljuks. There is Kırkdamaltı Church, where the first Christians lived, in the caves formed along the valley. When the frescoes in the church are examined, it is understood that they actually date back to ancient times. On the other hand, it is understood from the gratitude frescoes in this cave that the first Christians living in the Seljuk period were able to worship freely. Because a Seljuk ambassador was depicted in the cave.
Before going into detailed information about the Belisırma Village directions and places to visit in Belisırma, it is useful to get to know the region closely. In earlier times, this village was located on the north side, but settlement continued in the plains day by day. So much so that the presence of restored old houses in Belisırma Village supports this information. There are 7 churches open to visitors in this village, which is a continuation of Ihlara Valley. You can visit these churches by taking short walks. Now we will be sharing the answers to questions such as where is Belisirma, how to get there, and then we will give information about the churches in the region.

Aksaray Belisırma Breakfast

Belisırma is one of the places you can visit with a green tour in Cappadocia. You can also go to the region with your own vehicle if you wish.
The breakfasts of the village, which was established around the Melendiz Stream, are extremely popular. The facilities built on the river attract the attention of tourists. It is possible to have breakfast in the water in the facilities that offer an island view. You can watch the environment during breakfast.
Organic products grown in the region are used for breakfasts prepared in the village. Especially mixed breakfasts are extremely popular.

Where is Belisırma Village?

Belisırma Village is a village in the Güzelyurt district of Aksaray. It is 11 km from Güzelyurt and 42 km from the center of Aksaray.

How to Get to Belisırma Village? (Belisırma Directions)

To reach this village, continue in the direction of Güzelyurt district of Aksaray. Belisırma Village is approximately 7.1 km west of Güzelyurt. It is also in the East-Southeast direction of Aksaray city center and its distance from the center is 25.4 km.

Places to Visit in Belisırma Village

The places to visit in Belisırma Village are as follows;
• Belisırma Restaurant
• Karagedik Church
• Bezirhane Church
• Ala Church
• Batkin Church
• Kırkdamaltı Church
• Bahattin Samanlığı Church
• It is listed as Direkli Church.

Belisırma Restaurant

Belisırma Restaurant, where you can relieve your tiredness while visiting the region and rest your feet in the Melendiz Stream, is among the must-see places. You have to use the 1st box office of Ihlara Valley to reach this restaurant where you can have a tea and coffee break apart from the lunch break. Belisırma Restaurant, which is 7 km away after entering the ticket office, is 4 km away after the 2nd ticket office.
Offering much more than an authentic restaurant, Belisırma Restaurant has many oriental corner decorations. You can taste the hot pita, one of the leading dishes of the region, in this restaurant located right in the middle of the Melendiz Stream. You can have a wonderful breakfast with cheese, honey or butter that comes from the village completely organically. Since the restaurant has a closed section during the winter months, it continues to serve actively throughout the year.

Karagedik Kilisesi

The Karagedik Church, which is reminiscent of one of the works of the late Byzantine period, was built in a rock-cut form in the Ihlara Valley. The architecture of this church, built with different stones, has always attracted attention. The frescoes in the church are estimated to belong to the 10th or 11th century. In addition to the frescoes, most of which have been destroyed, a small number of motif embroideries are also worth seeing. Karagedik Church, also known as the Church of Saint Ermolaos, is located to the east of the Meleniz Stream.

Ala Church

Located in the east of Ihlara Valley, this church was built during the times when Christians were hiding. It should not be forgotten that this church, which was carved into the rocks, was built with the architecture of the cross. As in many churches in Cappadocia, linseed oil was produced in the sections here.
There are pictures of the apostles and saints on the upper parts of the facade of the Ala Church, which consists of 3 domes built to cover the church. Depictions such as the consecration of the Virgin Mary, the last supper, the entrance to Jerusalem and 3 Jews are among the paintings that should be seen in the Ala Church.

Aksaray Belisırma Picnic Area

Located in the Ihlara Valley, Belsırma Village is one of the frequent destinations for campers. Especially in spring and summer, campers visit the area very often. There is a camping section for those who want to spend time in nature and enjoy the magnificent view of Cappadocia. This section is also referred to as a picnic area. If you have come to the village of Şirinsırma during your Cappadocia trip, you can visit the picnic area or have a meal directly at the facilities.

Aksaray Belisırma Village How Many Km?

Belisırma Village is one of the places that visitors to Cappadocia wonder about. Aksaray is approximately 30 km away from the center. You can easily reach the area with your private vehicle. It is about 80 km from Göreme. It is possible to reach the village within 60-70 minutes from Göreme.

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