Avanos Places to Visit

In this article, we will be giving you answers to important questions such as the history of Avanos, how to get to Avanos and where is Avanos, especially the places to visit in Avanos. Avanos, which local or foreign tourists who reach the region want to see, draws attention not only with its instant structure but also with its history. Avanos Places to Visit you can follow the information you need to know about Avanos, where you can get detailed information from the guides along with the tours you will participate in, from the continuation of our article.
Before you start visiting Avanos, it is worth mentioning that there are very nice breakfast and dining rooms in the region. You can taste the local cheeses for breakfast and find the best form of olive oil and olives from Balıkesir. There are also accommodation alternatives in Avanos, where a natural breakfast is always served. In addition to old stone house pensions, Avanos, where you can stay in restaurants, historical Greek houses or cave houses, also includes places to camp. Avanos Places to Visit while Avanos offers slightly different details about places to visit, it should not be forgotten that this region is really worth seeing, it always draws attention with its churches, historical houses, monastery, valley and caravanserai.

Where is Avanos?

Avanos Places to Visit Avanos is a district of Nevşehir Province. The distance between the city center and Avanos is 27 km on the D300 highway. You can easily reach the region with your personal vehicle or within the scope of organized tours.

Avanos Places to Visit list

If the places to visit in Avanos are listed;
• Belha Monastery
• Historical Avanos Houses
• Güllüdere Church
• Cavusin
• Tumulus of Chech
• Saruhan Caravanserai
• Dereyamanli Church
• Sarcophagus
• Özkonak Underground City
• Zelve Valley
• Pasha vineyard
• It is in the form of Pottery Workshops.

Historical Avanos Houses

The foundations of many architectures in the region were actually laid during the Seljuk period. The first work here is Saruhan Madrasa. Later, many works were built together with the Alaaddin Mosque. From the Turks, who built stone houses with vegetal and geometric ornaments in this region in ancient times, between 50 and 60 historical houses have survived to the present day. Historical Avanos Houses are also places to see in this region.
The most striking house in the region is the mansion of Doctor Hacı Nuri Bey on Zafer Street. Built with an architecture specific to Cappadocia houses, this house consists of 3 floors. This house, where many TV series and movies were shot, later started to be used as an educational institution.
Among the historical Avanos Houses, Ahmet Parlak House in Yukarı Mahalle İlyas Street and Tevfik Körükçü Mansion located in Çarşı Street in the same neighborhood are among the structures that can be visited today. Tevfik Körükçü Mansion and Ahmet Parlak house were built as 2 floors and without a courtyard.
The Hikmet Cingi House on Cerit Street in Orta Mahalle and Mustafa Erdil House, located right next to the Alaaddin Hamam, are also visited as the Historical Avanos Houses today. The Hikmet Cingi House is actually in the oldest Avanos buildings. Because there is a water well inside and it is separated from other houses with this feature.

Belha Monastery

Belha Monastery, located in Özkonak Town, is only 15 km from Avanos. Founded by the first Christians who escaped from the Romans, this monastery has educational sections reserved for male and female students. In addition, dungeons, kitchen, watchtower, hammam and different education sections make up the Belha Monastery.

Gulludere Church

Güllüdere Church, which is among the places to visit in Avanos, is 2 km from Çavuşin Village. This church, which you can reach by following the left arm of the Güllüdere Valley, was built on a steep slope. In the figures of Hz. The history of this historical church, which includes the Bible writers with Jesus, goes back to very old years.

Cavusin Village

While walking from Avanos to Göreme, Çavuşin Village, which stands out with its houses carved into the rocks and on the left, is among the places to visit in Avanos. The Baptist Church, Güvercinlik Church and Çavuşin Church must be seen here.

Tumulus of Chech

The Çeç Tumulus, 15 km southwest of Avanos, has an average height of 30 meters. It is thought that the tumulus belongs to a Byzantine King, according to the estimates made about this region, which continues to preserve its archaeological mystery.

Saruhan Caravanserai

Saruhan Caravanserai is located 4 km southeast of Avanos. Cut stones were used in the architecture of this building, which was built in 1249. The colors of the stones are yellow, buff and pink. The entrance door of this building, which was built as a single floor, is extremely imposing. The courtyard of the caravanserai, which is open at the top and has rooms on the sides, is also worth seeing. Saruhan Caravanserai, which was restored in 1991, is among the places to visit in Avanos due to these features.

Dereyamanli Church

Dereyamanlı Church has managed to reach the present day from very ancient times. You can reach this church, which is also open to the worship of religious groups that reach the region, by walking 1 km west from Avanos.

Sarcophagus Tomb

The sarcophagus was found by chance in Avanos and is exhibited in the Kayseri Archeology Museum. Unfortunately, the remains inside the tomb were stolen during the first period of its discovery. Considering the researches on this sarcophagus, which was found in 1971, it is said that it belongs to a woman with henna hair.

Özkonak Underground City

It is thought that the underground city of Özkonak, which was discovered in 1972 and consists of 4 floors, was built in 400 BC. This underground city, which met the need for shelter in the best way at that time, actually contains many details in today’s architecture. Properly carved chambers, narrow tunnels connecting to large rooms, rag stones and small holes designed to defend over stones reveal the importance of the period. It should not be forgotten that the capillary channels designed to prevent the enemies from seeing and the channels that serve as ventilation for long-term shelter are also one of the most important features of the Özkonak underground city.
You can easily reach here by your private car or city bus. Avanos Places to Visit the underground city of Özkonak, where you can see many mounds and caves, is located only 13 km north of Avanos.

Zelve Valley

Zelve Valley, 3 km south of Avanos, contains many churches. Do not forget that you can watch the beautiful fairy chimneys of the region by climbing into this valley. Zelve Valley, which was an important religious center of Christianity in the 9th century, is also known as the place where priests first learned religious knowledge. The Üzümlü, Geyikli and Balıklı Churches here are also among the must-see places. On the other hand, Greeks lived in the caves here until the 1924 population exchange. With the Greeks going to Greece, the Turks settled. By 1952, it was completely evacuated considering the dangers in the rocks.


The other name of Paşabağı, which is among the places to visit in Avanos, is called the Valley of the Monks. There are antithetic crosses right in the middle of this region where there are 2 and 3 headed fairy chimneys. In this region, where you can also see multi-bodied and multi-headed fairy chimneys, you can visit hearth hollows and small chambers. Located 3 km south of Avanos, Paşabağı can be reached in a short time on foot.

Pottery Workshops

The Çanak Workshops, where you will witness the historical texture of Avanos, are located inside the caves carved into the rocks. Tourists visiting this place can start to show their creativity while watching the new shape of the foot-turned workshops.

Avanos Swinging Bridge – Suspension Bridge

The Swinging Bridge, which has become one of the symbols of Avanos, was built in 1973. It is approximately 200 meters long. Vehicle passage is not allowed as it is made of wood. It was built only with the aim of pedestrians crossing the Kızılırmak on foot. It also took the title of being the second longest suspension bridge in Turkey.
One of the reasons why Avanos’ Swinging Bridge has become popular is the tradition of making wishes that has been going on for years. It is believed that wishes will come true when these locks fall into the river after making a wish by hanging locks on the sides of the bridge.

What Is Avanos Famous For?

Domestic and foreign tourists who come to visit Avanos research what the region is famous for. In this direction, they plan their trips and buy souvenirs from the region as a souvenir.
• When Avanos is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is its bowls. Moreover, not only gift products are sold in these workshops. You can also make your own dish if you wish. If you have been to Cappadocia, you should definitely experience this experience.
• Avanos is a town famous for its vineyards. There are many vineyards in the region. If you wish, you can visit these vineyards and buy souvenirs made from grapes. You can also taste the wines made by the local people and consider buying a gift wine.
• Since pottery is one of the livelihoods of Avanos, the dishes made with pottery are also famous in the district. You can especially prefer the establishments that will reflect the ambiance of Cappadocia and taste the pot kebab.

What to buy in Avanos?

If you want to buy gifts for yourself and your loved ones after your Cappadocia trip, you can take a look at the famous souvenirs of Avanos.
• Pottery and ceramics are one of the most ideal gifts you can get in Avanos. There are also pottery workshops in Avanos, where handcrafted ceramics and pottery have been produced for many years. Here you can choose the products you want to buy and if you wish, you can also make your own products.
• There are cellars where you can buy wine in Avanos. Here you can taste wines produced from grapes grown in the region. You can buy handmade wines for yourself and your loved ones.
• Avanos is also rich in carpet and rug making. Especially if you want to stay in an authentic hotel, you can come across hand-woven materials on the floors and walls. You can also buy gifts from these products.

Where to Have Breakfast in Avanos?

There are many places where you can have breakfast in Avanos. When deciding on the business you prefer, you can choose places where products made from plants and animals grown in the region are used as much as possible. Moreover, in Avanos, you can find many places that will fill your soul with its view while filling your stomach with its delicacies. However, there are hardly any local flavors in the region.
• Akhal-Teke Equestrian Center is among the most diverse places to have breakfast in Avanos. You can see horses and get riding training in this business that burns horse breeding. Horse tours are also organized. While your children enjoy nature and play, you can enjoy a breakfast prepared with completely natural products. The breakfast spread is also very rich. It is also possible to place an additional order as an extra.
• Fatima’s Sofrasi is one of the small but cute businesses in Avanos. All products are handmade. You can choose it for breakfast if you wish, or for dinner.
• Kıyı Cafe is one of the businesses located around the Kızılırmak River. It has a magnificent view. You will not understand how time passes in this establishment where green and blue meet. Moreover, the menu of the place is extremely rich.
• Newmix Cafe reflects the spirit of Cappadocia very successfully with its authentic atmosphere. It has the concept of cave restaurant. The wooden details in the interior are; It provided a magnificent unity with the cave.
• Acr Panoroma Restaurant is one of the places with a wonderful view that you can visit at any time of the day. Especially in the spring and summer months, you can prefer the terrace of the place. While you are filling your stomach with natural products, you can spend pleasant times with your loved ones and collect memories.

Where is Avanos Places to Visit Map

  • Belha Monastery
  • Historical Avanos Houses
  • Gulludere Church
  • sergeant
  • Tumulus of Chech
  • Saruhan Caravanserai
  • Dereyamanli Church
  • Sarcophagus Tomb
  • Özkonak Underground City
  • Zelve Valley
  • Pasabagi
  • Guray Museum
  • Chez Victor
  • It is in the form of Dish Workshops.
Avanos Fairy Chimneys

There are also fairy chimneys in Avanos. However, when it comes to fairy chimneys, it is not as popular as Ürgüp and Göreme. Avanos is usually a stopover point for those who want to spend a quiet holiday, and tourists also see the surrounding beauties and fairy chimneys during their holiday.
Avanos fairy chimneys; It is located in Zelve Valley. It is possible to reach the valley, which is approximately 3 km from Avanos, by your private car or public transportation.

How Many Kms Between Avanos and Nevşehir?

The distance between Avanos and Nevşehir center is only 17 km. If you came to the region with your private vehicle, it is possible to get the road in as little as 15 minutes. Also, if you came to Cappadocia by plane, the distance between Cappadocia Airport and Avanos is 35 km.
You can easily reach Avanos by using the minibuses departing from Nevşehir center. You can also use a taxi, as the distance is short. Transfer services are generally used for transportation from the airport.

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