Aksaray Places to Visit

Places to visit in Aksaray are actually curious by everyone. While the natural places to visit in Aksaray attract the attention of all visitors, it should not be forgotten that this region is home to the Ottoman, Seljuk, Byzantine, Roman and Hittite civilizations. Aksaray, which is an important tourism region, has taken its place among the regions where the Silk Road passes throughout history.
Aksaray places to visit, one of the most beautiful cities of Cappadocia, is actually one of the cities that has managed to attract the attention of not only Turkey but also the world. Underground cities, temples and churches, fairy chimneys and valleys are also listed as places to visit in Aksaray. Now, let’s share the must-see places in Aksaray with the most detailed explanations.

How to go to Aksaray?

Bus services are organized from every point of our country to reach Aksaray. You can also travel to Nevşehir Cappadocia Airport, which is the closest airport to the city, by plane. After landing at Kayseri Airport, you can reach Aksaray by minibuses and buses departing from here.

List of places to visit in Aksaray

Aksaray Clock Tower – Aksaray places to visit

The clock tower, which has a symbolic feature among the places to visit in Aksaray, was built of wood. It is one of the must-see places while emitting a very beautiful light to the city. Besides being an imposing structure, you can take souvenir photos here and immortalize the moment. Finally, the clock tower is 10 meters long and has an Ottoman monogram on it.

Saratlı Yeraltı Şehri

Saratlı underground city consists of 3 floors in total. There are rooms, water wells, warehouse, kitchen and barn in this city, which is 25 km away from the center of Aksaray. Saratlı underground city is also thought to belong to the Byzantine period.

Somuncu Baba Complex

Somuncu Baba’s real name is Sheikh Hamid-i Veli. Somuncu Baba, who lived during the reign of Yıldırım Bayezid, is also a descendant of the prophet. Somuncu Baba, who took his name from the bread he made in a bakery in Bursa, later came to Aksaray with his students. Somuncu Baba, who died in 1412, was buried in Evrah Cemetery.

Aksaray Great Mosque – Aksaray places to visit

Ulu Mosque, which is among the places to visit in Aksaray and is an important Seljuk work, was built by Rükneddin Mesud. It was repaired by Karamanoğulları in 811. The plan of this mosque, which was built of cut stone, is square. You can find examples of Seljuk woodwork in this important work, which is equipped with Seljuk motifs. While there are eulogies to the Seljuk sultan on its pulpit, there are many verses of the Qur’an.


The appearance of Narlı Göl, which draws attention in the region, is in the shape of a heart. Narlı Lake, which is on the border of Aksaray and Niğde cities, has a romantic meaning for many people and a philosophical meaning for some. Besides being a crater lake, its water has thermal properties. It is said to be good for diseases such as psoriasis and rheumatism. Narlı Lake, which is among the must-see places in Aksaray, has a different beauty in every season of the year.

Salt Lake

The distance of Tuz Bolu, which is the second largest lake in Turkey, to the center of Aksaray is 57 km. So much so that you can step on the salt with your bare feet in this lake, which meets the salt need of 40 percent of our country. You can have a different experience and capture beautiful frames from each other.

Hasan Mountain

The most important feature of Hasan Mountain, which is the subject of many legends, is that it has shaped thousands of fairy chimneys in the region with its lava. According to a rumor, the name of an old sage, who lived in ancient times and whose name was Hasan, was given to this mountain. Although the height of Hasan Mountain is 3,268 meters, athletes prefer this region for hiking and climbing. It should not be forgotten that it is the center of winter sports. You can witness the unique view of Cappadocia by going here.

Nora Ancient City

If you are looking for places to visit in Aksaray, you should also stop by the Nora Ancient City. This ancient city, which remained from the Hellenistic period, was mostly used in the Byzantine and Roman periods. There is a small castle, cross-plan churches and many frescoes in the Nora Ancient City, which is 30 km away from the center of Aksaray. The oldest building here is thought to belong to the 7th century AD.

Guzelyurt Houses

Until 1924, Turks and Greeks lived together in this region and after the population exchange, the Greeks were sent to Greece. For this reason, Turks settled in the vacated houses. It should not be forgotten that these houses from the 19th century have reached a very beautiful appearance with the restoration. While families still live in some houses, some houses are operated as restaurants and boutique hotels. You can encounter a different and aesthetic architecture in the Güzelyurt houses, which have been standing for nearly 200 years, since the roofs are made with an arch system.

Pigeon Rock

Pigeon Rock, whose history dates back to the Chalcolithic age, is a frequent destination for both tourists and history researchers. This area, which is on the edge of the Mamasin Dam Lake, is on a very high rock. It is also known that Pigeon Rock in Çatalsu Village was one of the first settlements in Anatolia. Kalekent model was used in its architecture.

Çatalhöyük – Aksaray places to visit

Çatalhöyük, whose reliefs have reached today, is from the Neolithic period. It is thought that this region, which has been continuously inhabited for 2000 years, is one of the most crowded places. While it is known that there are 13 floors in total during the excavations in Çatalhöyük, leopard figures and female figurines were also unearthed as a result of the excavations.


The first settlement date in Acemhöyük, which is 18 km away from the center of Aksaray, is thought to be the Early Bronze Age. Sculptures, ornaments made of gold, pottery and beads have been found in the excavations carried out to date.

Asikli Höyük

Aşıklı Höyük, which is among the places to visit in Aksaray, is very close to Ihlara Valley. This mound, located in Kızılkaya Village, which is 4.5 km away on average, has a history of 10 thousand years. It is known that Cappadocia was the first settlement. It is thought that the first brain surgeries were performed here as a result of the excavations. Because although there are no traces on 2 different skulls found in the excavations, it is thought that brain surgery was performed. The excavated skulls are exhibited in the Aksaray Museum.

Pasha Bath

Pasha Bath, located in the city center, was built in the 19th century. This important work, built of cut stone, was built by Hacı Ali Pasha. This bath, which has 6 domes, continues to provide bath services for men and women in two parts.

Bell Church

The Çanlı Church in Akhisar Village is actually famous for the child mummies that came out of the church. In this church, which rises across Hasan Mountain, beautiful photo frames can be captured. The rock settlements around this church, which was built in the Byzantine period, also attract attention. Inside the Bell Church, St. Jesus, his apostles, and Bible stories are illustrated.

Church of St. Gregory

This church is located in Güzelyurt district. The 8-cornered cross plan draws attention in the church, which is thought to have been built in 385 BC. The church is also seen to be one of the most beautiful examples of wood carving.

Curve Minaret

Red bricks were used in the construction of this minaret, which stands crooked similar to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Its other name is the Red Minaret. The Eğri Minaret, which is among the places to visit in the center of Aksaray, is thought to have been built between 1221 and 1236.

Sultan Inn

It is stated that the Sultan Inn, located on the Aksaray – Konya route, was built by Alaettin Keykubat in 1299. Spreading over a large area, this structure also has the distinction of being the largest caravanserai in Anatolia. After entering through the magnificent 13-meter gate, a masjid welcomes the visitors in the middle.

Monastery Valley

Manastır Valley, known as the place where Orthodox philosophy spread to Anatolia, is in Güzelyurt. There is a church and a monastery in this valley, which is thought to have been built during the Byzantine period. It is known as the place where saints pray in seclusion.

Zinciriye Madrasa

This madrasa, which has survived from the 15th century to the present, has also taken its place among the places to visit in Aksaray. There are more than 15 thousand historical pieces in this madrasah, which carries traces of many civilizations. Numerous floral motifs draw attention in the madrasah, which was built in the Seljuk style and made of cut stone.

Ziga Hot Springs – Aksaray places to visit

Located in Yaprakhisar Village of Güzelyurt, these hot springs are best known for their nature. The temperature of the water in Ziga Hot Springs, where magnificent photos will be taken, is 47 degrees. Ziga Thermal Springs, which is the first choice of those who want to relax mentally and physically, is said to be good for gynecological diseases, especially rheumatism. It is not possible to come across many facilities in this area, as it is in the protection zone.

Selime Cathedral and Fairy Chimneys

Selime Cathedral is in the town of Selime. It is stated that these places, which are in the exit region of the Ihlara Valley, were used as a market area in ancient times. A large number of clergy were trained in the cathedral, which was built for travelers to worship and the caravanserais to rest. You can see the tombs, shelters and rock churches while watching the fairy chimneys in the same area.


In ancient times, the place where the bezirs used to provide lighting were made is called bezirhane. Bezirhane in Belisırma village is located next to Ala Church. Inside, the linseed oil pool made of wood draws attention. It should not be forgotten that Bezirhane, whose construction is thought to have been completed in the 12th century, is among the must-see places.

Serpentine Church

Aksaray places to visit: The Yılanlı Church, which takes its name from the depictions of women bitten by snakes on its walls, has taken its place in the list as places to visit in Aksaray. The story in the depiction of women is much more remarkable. While the first woman depicted the woman who abandoned her children, the second woman portrayed the woman who did not take care of her children, the third woman slandered, and the fourth woman who was disobedient.

Bahattin Samanlığı Church

Aksaray places to visit: Although the exact date of construction of this church is not known, there are many frescoes inside. In addition, with scenes from the Bible and Gabriel, Hz. Sections from the life of Jesus are also pictured here.

Ala Church

In Ala Church, which was carved from rocks, Hz. There are depictions of the birth of Jesus, the last supper, and the Egyptian Mary. This church, which attracts attention with its small windows and entrances, is one of the beautiful temples in Ihlara.

Purenli Seki Church

Saints, St. Jesus, Bible stories and St. There are tombs on the narthex floor of the Pürenli Seki Church, where the Virgin Mary frescoes are located. It shows how important the church is.

Sümbüllü Church

Sümbüllü Church, which was carved into two-storey rocks, was formed in a rectangular plan. Again, the Saints. Mary, scenes from the Bible and stories between Gabriel and Michael are among the frescoes in the church.

Kırkdamaltı Kilisesi

Aksaray places to visit; It is known that this church, which was built between 1283 and 1295, was built by the Georgian Princess Tamara. In the church, where there are many frescoes, Hz. You can see pictures depicting the crucifixion and ascension of Jesus.

Karagedik Church

It should be noted that there are many churches in the region from historical times. Although the Karagedik Church is one of these works, it was built using the Closed Greek Cross architecture. Although many frescoes have been destroyed, it is useful to see this church in the valley.

Treealti Church

Another church in the Ihlara Valley is the Ağaçaltı Church. This church, which you can enter to visit from the second floor, was built with a free cross plan. Apostles, prophets and Hz. Pictures depicting the ascension of Jesus into the sky draw attention.

Ihlara Valley

Perhaps the most important place to visit in Aksaray, Ihlara Valley is actually one of the most beautiful valleys in the world. Melendiz Stream, which passes through this valley at the entrance of Cappadocia, has enabled the region to reach a lush nature. The depth of this valley with steep cliffs is 120 meters on average.
Aksaray places to visit, There are more than 100 religious buildings in Ihlara Valley. 14 of them have survived to the present day. On the other hand, the churches carved into the rocks and the many frescoes drawn in these churches have managed to attract the attention of everyone who goes to the region.

Aksaray places to visit Map

  • 1- Somuncu Baba Tomb
  • 2- Red Minaret Mosque
  • 3- Aksaray Ulu Mosque
  • 4- Clock Tower
  • 5- Zinciriye Madrasa
  • 6- Historical Pasha Bath
  • 7- Saratlı Kırkgöz Underground City
  • 8- Pigeon Rock
  • 9- Asikli Höyük
  • 10- Selime Cathedral and Fairy Chimneys
  • 11- Ziga hot springs
  • 12- Bezirhane
  • 13- Bahattin Haystack
  • 14- Karagedik Church
  • 15-Snake Church
  • 16- Hyacinth Church
  • 17- Ihlara Valley
  • 18- Agacaltı Church
  • 19- Purenli Church
  • 20- Kırkdamaltı Church
  • 21- Guzelyurt Monastery Valley
  • 22- Church Mosque
  • 23- Guzelyurt
  • 24- Viranşehir (Ancient city of Mokisos)
  • 25- Hasandağı
  • 26- The Bell Church
  • 27- Sultanhani
  • 28- Salt Lake
  • 29- Acemhöyük
Where is Aksaray Places to Visit Map
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Aksaray places to visit

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